Event Flooring, Pool covers & Stage rental in Miami.

MOTITAS PARTY RENTAL offers diferent options on Event Floors, Stages and Pool Covers, so you can choose the one that accomodate to your needs and budget.


FREE DELIVERY within 10 miles from zip code 33145(our location).

Recomendation: We recomend the set up of a dance floor over even surfaces, since ground  unevennes reflects on fiinished product.



Checkers Dance Floor: $1.65 sq/ft  



Carpeted  Sub flooring: $1.75 sq/ft 



Parquet Dance Floor: 1.65 sq/ft

(Picture shows dance floor over a black pool cover). 



Acrylic Pool Cover(Clear) $6.50 sq/ft  



Add LED lighting under plexiglass Section

 for only $25.00/each fixture

Pool covers are custom made to fit rectangular and shaped pools


Add steps x $15.00/each


 Before and after ground flushed pool cover

Pool Cover can be made for the entire Pool or a section of it. 

Metal frame steps: $15.00

Black Plywood Flooring: $1.00 sq/ft

(Always used as sub-floor  when installing Vinyl dance floor over grass). 



Carpeted sub flooring will Always be set up

 under shade or tented area.

 Black Plywood Floor have many uses.

Black Plywood floor can cover  small or large areas. 

Plywood Pool Cover

Black:$2.75 sq/ft 

White:$3.25 sq/ft  

Carpeted:$3.50 sq/ft


We build entire or partial pool covers

Add safety rail x $3.00/ ft 

       Pool covers can be custom painted

       to any color @ extra cost

Ground flushed pool covers:

+ Black plywood section = $5.00 sq-ft

+ Clear section = $10.00 sq-ft 

+  6"  Height  Stage = $1.50 sq-ft

+ 12" Height Stage = $2.00 sq-ft

+ 18" Height Stage =  $2.50 sq-ft

+ 24" Height Stage = $3.00 sq-ft

+ 30" Height Stage = $3.50 sq-ft



Stage skirt: $1.50 ft