MOTITAS PARTY RENTAL offers different models and sizes of  Concession Machines and Carts, so you can pick the one that accomodate to your needs.


FREE DELIVERY within 10 miles from zip 33145 (our location).


Cotton Candy Machine rental in Miami.

Cotton Candy Machine = $59.00

(Includes 50 servings).        


Popcorn Machine rental in Miami.

4 oz Popcorn Machine = $59.00

(Includes 50 servings).       




Popcorn Machine rental in Miami.

8oz Popcorn machine = $79.00

(Includes 100 servings).




 Snow cone Machine rental in Miami.

 snow cone machine = $49.00

(Includes 50 servings / no ice).



Hot Dog Roller Cart rental in Miami. 

Old Fashion Hot Dog cart = $79.00

Hot Dog Roller grill with capacity for 16 small or 8 large hot dogs.Water warmer to keep stuff hot.Ice cooler. 



Chocolate Fountain rental in Miami.

16" Stainless Steel Fountain = $45.00

              Cotton Candy Cart rental  in Miami.

          Cotton Candy Cart = $79.00 

           (includes 50 servings)


            Popcorn Cart rental in MIami.

    4 oz Popcorn cart = $79.00

               (Includes 50 servings). 



         Snow Cone Machine    

           rental in Miami .      

          Snow cone Machine = $59.00

            ( Includes 50 servings / no ice). 



  Hot Dog Steamer Machine rental in Miami.

Table top commercial machine = $59.00

Hot Dog steamer with capacity for  40 small or 20 large hot dogs. Also has warmer for buns.

       Chocolate Fountain service in Miami.

      16" Chocolate fountain service.

    (Service includes machine.  Deeping   items,   napkins and skewers).


       Beverage Fountain rental in Miami.

       3 Gl Beverage fountain = $79.00




            Bubble machine rental in MIami     

         Bubble Machine = $ 45.00

         Includes product.